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Nigel Walpole What will 2015 bring to learning and development?

What will 2015 bring to learning and development?
Friday January 16, 2015

2014 saw many changes in the learning and development world. With organisations moving into the digital age it was no surprise to discover that 60% of organisations are now using digital platforms in training delivery. Or that an additional 23% planned to incorporate digital platforms into their training plan according to the Training Industry report.

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Kerry Pascall The use of video in eLearning

The use of video in eLearning
Monday January 5, 2015

The use of video in a learning environment is engaging, inspiring and can provide interactive situations that could be otherwise difficult to create. But how do you decide whether a video clip should be used within your eLearning project?

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Rachel Matthews Top blogs from 2014

Top blogs from 2014
Thursday December 18, 2014

2014 has seen the launch of our award winning Foundation Leadership Programme, successfully piloted and released our Resilience Programme, travelled the world to create and deliver eLearning solutions and continued to offer a wide range of learning and development solutions to our clients.

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Nigel Walpole Managing difficult conversations

Managing difficult conversations
Monday December 15, 2014

Through my many years of experience running management development programmes, the same topic always presents itself when participants are asked what they found most beneficial. The opportunity to practise difficult conversations.

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Nigel Walpole Top tips for leaders – part five

Top tips for leaders – part five
Friday December 12, 2014

This is the fifth and final blog in my series listing the top 50 issues a leader has to consider. Leadership is about setting an example, determining a strategy, taking risks and keeping to your values, being influential and being influenced.

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